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About Navin Pillay

Navin brings forth 25 years of a journey as a disciple, learning, practising and living the fundamental questions of oneself and life. He offers in his sessions a quorum that holds a space that cultivates the awareness and insights needed to hold oneself and discover what more there can be to the reality of one's self and one's life. The approach is natural and unpretentious, guided by the principle that none of us need to be anything other our authentic selves. This is the base to reclaim oneself as a process that is here to live out the gift that one is, for oneself and for all. Navin is a polyglot and has expertise in critical thinking processes, mindfulness/meditation, somatic practise, NLP and a wealth of failures to learn from. He is also a partner at Holia GmbH providing leadership consultancy and runs a meditation centre in Berlin, as part of the global peace effort of the Friends to Mankind NGO.
Client references:
I am always transformed after the sessions with Navin, usually in ways I didn’t expect. I think of the work as finding aspects of myself that either never belonged to me, beliefs or ‘rules’ I’ve adopted from others, or assumptions I’ve made about myself that no longer apply and the exploration and investigation to who I truly am and want to be. I’ve had discoveries about myself without delving into deep narratives or emotional history. What comes up has often been profound and moving, but getting there is often light and easy and then the realizations are a kick in the pants! There’s a simplicity to it, at least it has always seemed that way. I like that Navin is a regular guy. He doesn’t claim to be a guru, dress in strange clothes or preach any spiritual secret to life. He lives what he teaches, is fun, and has a real talent for understanding people. I trust him. I understand myself better and how to get where I want as a result of studying with him. I’m sure there’s so much more to learn and I feel I’m well on the path. - Rosanna Greio, Film Producer, Toronto
"I have attended sessions by Navin and it has really blown me away. It brought incredible insight about our internal drivers and how our past is influencing our present life and way of being. It is a deeply personal experience and very revealing. In the last session, after exploring what we wanted for our lives, my partner and I successfully launched our business within two months."
Nina Jolic - Founder & President, Evalign, San Diego


English (Native), German (Intermediate)

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